Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer


Stomach Cancer – Symptoms and Signs

Symptoms and signs described here can accompany stomach cancer. In specific cases, patients with stomach cancer may not experience any of manifestations listed below. Sometimes, such changes can be provoked by other medical conditions. Stomach cancer is hard to identify due to the fact that it has no specific signs. The manifestations are ambiguous and may or may not include any of following.

Another important note is that these signs may be manifestations of a plethora of other health issues including viruses and ulcer:

  • Heartburn and digestion problems;
  • Ache in the abdomen;
  • Vomiting in general and vomiting solids right after eating;
  • Frequent nausea;
  • Constipation and diarrhea;
  • Appetite loss;
  • Struggling to swallow;
  • Stomach inflation shortly after meals.

Early Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer in Adults

When stomach cancer has developed, a patient may experience:

  • Extreme weakness;
  • Regular fatigue;
  • Vomiting blood;
  • Blood in the stool;
  • Losing weight without a reason.

Such symptoms may signal that you have stomach cancer. If you notice any of signs listed above, please consult with a medical specialist as soon as possible. The specialist will further inspect your symptoms, their rate of occurrence, and other questions related to the diagnosis process.

In case of a positive diagnosis, fighting off early symptoms is a pivotal part of treatment strategy. Usually, we call the process symptom management, supportive or palliative care. Always observe your symptoms, report to medical specialists, and immediately let them know about any new signs and symptoms you notice.

What are the Early Symptoms of Gastric (Stomach) Cancer.

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