Testicular Cancer Self Exam

Testicular Cancer Self Exam


How One Can Carry out a Self-Test to Reveal Testicular Cancer?

TSE (testicular self-examination) is the best test for boys and men to find out if there are any abnormal tumors or swellings on their testicles, as they can turn out to be the first indication of testicular cancer.

According to official statistics, this type of cancer is not widespread among boys at the age of adolescence. However, masculines in the age of 15 and 35 belong to the risk group. Therefore, they should do a TSE once per month in order to know the regular proportions of their testicles. Thus, one can correctly reveal any deviations.

How to Perform a Testicular Self-Examination

The self-test procedure is below:

  • Take a hot shower or a bath in order to relax the scrotum, which covers your testicles.
  • Explore your testicles one by one with the help of both hands. Palpate each testicle pressing it slightly. Put your thumbs to the top of your testicle, place your index and middle fingers behind it and move it.
  • It is important to touch the corpus epididymidis, which carries the sperm. It is tender, and funiform by touch and is situated in the upper part of the back of each testicle. Thus, you understand what the regular lump is.
  • Note: one of your testicles can be a little bigger that the other one. It is usually the right one. It is within normal limits for the majority of males.
  • While palpating of your testicles, pay attention to tumors or swellings in the front or side parts. They can have a very small size of a rice seed.
  • In case you find a swelling, or any modification of a testicle (its proportions or color), or you have any kind of pain in flank, tell your physician about this as soon as possible.

Tumors or swellings are not always connected with cancer. However, the physician has to explore it urgently.

Remember: testicular cancer can be cured if it is found at the early stage.

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