Signs and Symptoms Adrenocortical Cancer

Signs and Symptoms Adrenocortical Cancer


Adrenocortical Cancer: Symptoms and Signs

There are two types of pathological process in case of adrenocortical cancer. The first case includes indicants produced by hormones released by the cancerous growth. The second case involves indicants caused by the fact that the tumor affects the nearby vitals. In case your kid has some of the listed below indicants, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. As they can be caused by adrenocortical cancer or some other disease. Only correct and timely tests can define the real cause. Therefore, you should try your best to determine an exact diagnosis and start an effective therapy.

Symptoms Produced by Androgen and Estrogen Release

In case of kids, indicants are usually result in androgenic hormones produced by cancerous growth. They are expressed in exuberant hair growth on the face and body (including those areas in underarms and on the pubis). The same hormones can also increase penis of boys or clitoris of girls.

If the cancerous growth releases estrogenic hormones, girls can have the early start of their adolescence. Thus, they show breasts` growth and have first menses. Moreover, cancerous growth releasing estrogens can lead to the breasts` development in boys as well.

The indicants related to the extra release of androgenic or estrogenic hormones are not evident in adults. It is because, they have gone their adolescence and possess expressed sexual characters (breasts, hair on body areas, etc.). Therefore, adults usually do not show indicants related to hormones` release. It means, they can show no symptoms at all until the cancerous growth is rather big to affect adjacent vitals.

Indicants can be visible better if they are common for the opposite sex. For instance, men, who get extra estrogenic hormones, can notice their breast augmentation. Such sexual problems, as erectile dysfunction, and even the loss of sexual appetite, are also typical for them. Women, who get extra androgenic hormones due to the tumor activity, can have abundant hair growth on their face and body, menses` disorders; and their voice grows deep.

Symptoms Produced by Release of Cortisol

The extra release of cortisol can lead to such disorder as Cushing pituitary basophilism. Patients can have all the listed below indicants or just a part of them, even one or two.

The indicants of this disorder are the following:

  • Body weight gain usually above the claviciila and in the belly area;
  • There are flabs in the area of the neck and shoulders;
  • Stretch marks of the purple color on the belly;
  • Hypertrichosis, especially on the face, chest and back of women;
  • Disorders in menses;
  • Leg weakness;
  • Formation of extravasations;
  • Melancholy or mood swing;
  • Bony rarefication;
  • High blood sugar level resulting in saccharine disease;
  • Hypertension syndrome.

The cause of the Cushing pituitary basophilism can be an adrenal cortical carcinoma or an adrenal cortex adenoma, as it can produce much cortisol, as well as other hormones. Cancerous growth on the basal gland can release much corticotropic hormone. This represents the essentials of the Cushing pituitary basophilism. Moreover, high levels of corticotropic hormone can make the adrenal gland tissue to release more cortisol. However, the corticotropic hormone can also be produced by other types of cancerous growths, but it happens rather seldom.

Patients, who have disorders in defense system or cancerous growths like lymphomas take therapy in form of medications related to cortisol. Therefore, there are numerous cases of high cortisol levels, which can lead to Cushing pituitary basophilism. Thus, doctors make several tests to reveal the real cause of Cushing pituitary basophilism.

Indicants Produced by the Release of Aldosterone

Adrenal cancerous growths can provoke the following indicants:

  • Hypertension syndrome;
  • Asthenia;
  • Muscle twitch;
  • Low level of potassium in the blood serum.

Usually, adrenal cortex adenomas release much aldosterone, though it is not intrinsic to
adrenal cancerous growths in general.

Symptoms Caused by a Large Adrenal Cancer Pressing on Nearby Organs

As far as adrenal tumors grow, they start to press the adjacent vitals. This fact provokes pain in the tumor area or the feeling of a full stomach. Patients can`t eat much, because they have a feeling of an easy stomach fullness.

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