Signs and Symptoms Bowel Cancer

Signs and Symptoms Bowel Cancer


Bowel Cancer: Symptoms and Signs

Bowel cancer responds to treatment very well. Still, the earlier you visit your doctor and the earlier the cancer is detected, the better is your future prognosis. Those patients who are dealing with the early stages of the cancer have better chances to win in this fight than those who are fighting against the cancer on the advanced stages.

If you notice any symptoms that seen to be suspicious and you think that they indicate bowel cancer don’t hesitate to discuss them over with your doctor. The truth is that doctors often have patients with this disease and other bowel-related problems.

The list of common bowel cancer symptoms involves the following:

  • Bleeding from your bottom or presence of blood in your stool;
  • Constipation or any changes in bowel movements;
  • Loss of weight that seems to occur for no reason;
  • You start to feel exhausted for no reason;
  • Painful sensations or a lump in your abdomen.

At the same time, all the symptoms mentioned may occur due to other health problems. Still, if you notice several of them and you feel that something is wrong, you’d better make an appointment with your doctor.

In order to make it easier for you and your doctor, we have created a symptom diary. In this diary, you can enlist all the symptoms you noticed. Then, you can print it and take it with you when going to your doctor.

Sometimes it so happens that your bowel gets blocked by a tumor. Consequently, there may occur sudden painful sensations and your abdomen is bloated. You may feel very sick at times. It may be impossible to empty your bowels and pass wind. If you suspect that your bowel is blocked, visit your doctor as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can ask help in an emergency department of your local hospital.

Bleeding From Your Bottom

There may be several things that cause the bleeding or blood being present in your stool. If you see that the blood is bright red, it means that it comes from the blood vessels in your bottom that are swollen. In this case, it suggests that you’re suffering from plies. If the blood is of either dark red or black color, it means that the bleeding is in your stomach or bowel. Anyway, you should tell your doctor about any bleeding you notice. Your doctor will tell you what examinations you need to undergo in order to find out what causes the bleeding.

Constipation and Any Other Changes in Your Bowel Movements

You are to necessarily tell your doctor about any of such like changes. Especially, if they are accompanied by the bleeding. These changes are different. You may feel a need to poo more often than usually or your poo may be looser than it was before. Additionally, you may feel as if your bowel is not empty after you went to a toilet.

Loss of Weight that Seems to Occur for no Reason

In comparison with all the rest symptoms that are mentioned, this one occurs less often. If you notice that you lost some weight for no reason, discuss it with your doctor. You may feel sick and bloated. Consequently, there is a loss of appetite.

Feeling Exhausted for no Reason

Since bowel cancer may result in a lack of iron in your organism, you may start to suffer from anemia. Anemia means that there aren’t enough red blood cells in your organism. If a person is suffering from anemia, he/she may feel exhausted and his/her skin is rather pale.

Pain or Lump

If these symptoms have an effect on the way you sleep or your eating habits, you are to discuss them over with your doctor.

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