Signs and Symptoms Neck Cancer

Signs and Symptoms Neck Cancer


What are the Symptoms of Neck Cancers?

The first thing that’s very important to remember is that the symptoms mentioned below may be caused by other diseases. Even if you notice some symptoms that are said to occur in case you have neck or head cancer, it doesn’t mean that you actually have these cancers. In other words, you are recommended to go to your doctor so that to find out what your diagnosis is.

The list of symptoms that occur in case a person is dealing with either head or neck cancer involves the following:

  • your throat being sore;
  • having difficulty when trying to swallow something;
  • your voice becoming more hoarse;
  • a lump or a sore that doesn’t go away for a long time.

The list of the areas that cancers may invade into involves:

Oral Cavity

If the cancers invade into your oral cavity, there appears white/red patch on your gums/the gums or the lining of your mouth. Besides, your jaw may be swollen. Due to it, your dentures may fit poorly and there may be a certain feeling of discomfort. You may have painful sensations in your mouth. From time to time, there occurs bleeding in your oral cavity.


If the cancers affect this area, it may become harder for you to breathe and speak. Moreover, there occurs a strong pain when you are trying to swallow something. You stat suffering from persistent pain in your neck and throat. Since there may be ringing in your ears, you may have troubles with hearing. One more thing that’s likely to occur is headaches.


If this is the area that the cancers have affected, you are likely to experience painful sensations in your ears and when you’re trying to swallow something.

Paranasal Sinuses and Nasal Cavity

Keep in mind that you may be unable to clear sinuses that, actually, become blocked. There may develop chronic sinus infections that you won’t be able to get rid of even if your doctor prescribes you antibiotics. You may notice bleeding from your nose and troubles with eyesight. Very often, there appear headaches and painful sensations in your upper teeth. Additionally, there may be something wrong with dentures.

Salivary Glands

In case the cancer attack this area of your organism, the area around your jawbone or under your chin may be swollen. Your facial muscles may be numb or paralyzed. You may suffer from persistent painful sensations in your face, chin or neck.

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