Signs and Symptoms Heart Cancer

Signs and Symptoms Heart Cancer


Heart Cancer: Symptoms and Signs

The heart cancer, as all other kinds of this terrible disease, has its specific symptoms. Moreover, like other kinds of cancers, cases of heart cancer differ from one patient to another.

Type of Pain

Generally, patients suffer from stethalgia. However, the pain can also be felt in adjacent areas of the body, as in arms and abdominal space. It happens because of the tumor penetration into the neighboring vitals. There are two kinds of heart cancerous growths: tumors affecting the heart tissue or the one representing malignant cells inside the heart.

Labored Breathing

Patients can suffer from labored breathing. It happens because of the fact that the malignant growth can block the admission of the oxygen-rich blood, which brings oxygen to heart tissues. It smothers. And people cannot get sufficient oxygen. Thus, patients become exhausted sooner than healthy people. The possibility to get heart seizures is rather high as well.


Cerebral apoplexy is one of the extremely acute indicants. It happens, because vessels with oxygen-rich blood providing brain are blocked. As far as the brain does not get enough oxygen, its tissues start to die. It usually takes 4 minutes.

Rapid Heartbeat

Patients often describe such symptom as rapid heartbeat, which means an irregular heart rate. The malignant cells grow. Therefore, the tumor makes the heart muscles to contract and relax irregularly. Thus, the pulse becomes faster and trembling.

Swollen Body Parts

Some body parts become turgid. It happens, because heart fails to pump the oxygen-rich blood to the upper and lower areas of the body. Sometimes, oxygen free blood returns to them. This leads to the accumulation of water around the body tissue, as the blood plasma contains about 90 % of water. The state is like in case of edema.

Other Symptoms

  • Often collapses;
  • Body weight loss;
  • Cardiac distress;
  • Febrile affection.

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