Signs and Symptoms of Bone Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Bone Cancer


Bone Cancer: Symptoms and Signs


There is one chief patient`s complaint. It is ostealgia. Initially, it is not permanent. Thus, a patient can feel pain at night time or when he or she involves the affected bone in action (for instance, arm pain while working). In proportion to the tumor growth, ostealgia remains continually. The ostealgia strengthens. And if it affects a leg, one can hobble.


There can be no any initial inflation in the ostealgia area. However, one can reveal a ganglion, which is linked to the growth location.

Tumors in the neck bones can lead to ganglions in the posterior pharyngeal wall. This fact can impact the process of swallowing or breathing.


It is possible, that bones become embrittle because of the cancer. However, the disease does not completely destroy one`s bones. Thus, patients with some fissures behind or through a bone affected by a tumor, tell about some unexpected sharp pain in a limb after a period of ache.

Other Symptoms

Tumor in the vertebras can compress nerve-endings, which produces numb feeling, prickly sensation or feeling of insubstantiality.

The cancerous growth in bones can lead to body weight loss. Patients feel constant weariness. If the tumor affects other vitals, many extra indicants are possible. For instance, a person can have breathing problems because of the cancerous growth penetrates the lungs.

Note: some of these indicants can have other origin. Thus, they can result from inflammatory arthropathy or some injury. Anyhow, if you have any long-lasting indicant from the ones listed above, you should consult a doctor.

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