Signs and Symptoms of Gum Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Cancer


Gum Cancer: Signs and Symptoms

The symptoms occurring in case you’re diagnosed with gum cancer, are particular for every person. There are different symptoms on each stage of the disease. Besides, as a rule, no symptoms occur on the early stage of the cancer. Even if there are some symptoms present, they may cause no inconvenience and, therefore, you may not notice them.

The list of common gum cancer symptoms involves a sore or lesion on the gum that doesn’t go away for at least 2 weeks. The lesion can bleed. Besides, there may occur either painful or painless lump or mass on the gums. You may have problems when swallowing, speaking or chewing.

Apart from it, there may occur a tumor and thickening and lump on the gums that’s disclosed. You may experience unusual sensations on the gums. For instance, numbness or painful sensation. Still, lumps and lesions caused by the cancer doesn’t always cause pain.

Your lymph nodes may be swollen, especially the ones that are located on the neck. The case is known as lymphedema and it may serve as a sign of the fact that the disease has had invaded beyond the gums and into even deeper tissues of the mouth and the neck. If it’s about the advanced stage, the cancer may get into other areas and parts of your organism through blood and lymph nodes. Once there, the cancer cells may create one more cancerous tumor.

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