Signs and Symptoms of Tongue Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Tongue Cancer


Symptoms of Tongue Cancer

There are the following widespread symptoms of tongue cancer:

  • red and white spots on your tongue;
  • an inflation;
  • ulceration.

There are also other symptoms, which involve the following:

  • permanent pain in the mouth;
  • dysphagy (discomfort while swallowing);
  • modifications in the voice and speech disorders;
  • bloated globate glands in the neck;
  • body weight loss without any reason;
  • tightening or bleeding in the mouth;
  • unexplained teeth falling out;
  • discomfort in jaw moving.

When to Opt for Medical Help

The symptomatology indicated above can be shown in less serious conditions, for instance, while minor infections. However, you should visit your doctor if any of the symptoms indicated above lasts for more than 3 weeks, especially if you smoke much or drink much alcohol.

Examinations by Dentists

There are no special symptoms in the case of tongue cancer, especially during initial phases.

It is essential to have systematic examinations by dentists, especially if you smoke much, or drink much alcohol, or chew a betel. Thus, a stomatologist can detect the condition while an examination.

It is strongly recommended to have systematic dental examinations once a year. If you often have dental caries or gum disease, the frequency of dental examinations should be more frequent.

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