Signs and Symptoms of Eye Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Eye Cancer


In the majority of cases, the symptoms of eye cancers coincide. At the same time, some of them may only occur in particular eye cancer cases.

Common Symptoms of Eye Cancers

Below you’ll find a list of eye cancer symptoms that most frequently occur

  • Your vision becomes blurred. A patient may either ignore it or think that the cause of it is refractory errors that occur in case he or she is wearing glasses. This symptom that doesn’t seem serious at first should be checked up by an ophthalmologist especially if you are prone to facing eye cancer.
  • Flashes or spots that occur in your visual fields. You may see lines, floating points, wiggly lines or spots. Lots of eye disorders may be a reason for the symptom. For example, a cataract. It needs to be thoroughly examined so that to exclude the possibility of eye cancer. You should necessarily discuss the symptom with your doctor if you’re likely to be diagnosed with eye cancer.
  • Partial an even full loss of eyesight. Sometimes, there is a case of blinkering that implies that your periphery vision is lost. The vision is often akin to a horse with blinkers when patients say that it is as if they see through a tunnel. The case is referred to as tunnel vision. If the disease goes on developing, you may lose your eyesight completely.
  • Painful sensations in or around the eye. This is due to the fact that tumor presses on the eye. However, painful sensations occur rarely and only if the tumor has had an impact on adnexal structures and nerves or it gets into the other parts.
  • Bulging of the eye. It may occur in case of those children who suffer from retinoblastoma.
  • Changes in the way the affected eye looks.
  • There may be either a spot over the eye or a mole over the iris. The way they look may change and they may become bigger.

Symptoms that Occur in Case You’re Fighting Against Intraocular Melanoma

Very often, it so happens that there are no symptoms at all. The disease may be detected during a regular eye examination by an ophthalmologist. The very first symptom may that you completely lose your vision. The process involves no pain.

Those patients who are dealing with dysplastic nevus syndrome or nevi or moles located around the eyes need to undergo eye examination procedures every year. This way it’s possible to exclude the possibility of melanoma formation and detect the disease.

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