Signs and Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Bladder Cancer


Bladder cancer can be detected on a very early stage since there occurs blood in your urine and other urinary symptoms.

Blood in the Urine

In the majority of cases, hematuria (a case of blood in urine) is the first symptom that manifests itself when it’s about bladder cancer. There are cases when there is so much blood in urine that it becomes orange, pink or even dark red. However, the last case is very rare. There are cases when the color of urine stays normal. Still a very small amount of blood in it can be detected with the help of particular testing procedures. Urinalysis is prescribed because there occur other symptoms or just as a part of general examination procedure.

Do not forget that one day blood may be present and absent the other day. Then, there may be no blood in your urine for weeks and even months. If you’re dealing with bladder cancer, blood will, eventually, appear once again.

As a rule, bladder cancer leads to bleeding on the early stages, but no painful sensations or other symptoms occur.

Under any condition you are to remember that blood in your urine is not necessarily a sign of bladder cancer. In the majority of cases, it turns out to be caused by other diseases, for example, an infection, benign tumors, stones located in your kidneys or bladder and a number of other benign kidney diseases. Still, you’re strongly recommended to go to your doctor for a checkup with the view of finding out what the reason for the blood is.

Changes in the Way Your Bladder Functions or Possible Symptoms of Irritation

Bladder Cancer: Symptoms and Signs

Sometimes, it so happens that bladder cancer causes a number of changes in urination.

The changes are mentioned below:

  • A need to urinate more often than you usually do.
  • Painful or burning sensations that occur during urination.
  • You need as if you need to urinate right away irrespective of the fact that your bladder is not full.
  • Troubles with urination or a quite weak urine stream.

At the same time, the symptoms may occur if you have a UTI or urinary tract infection, stones located in your bladder, overactive bladder, prostate being enlarged (in men). You are to go for a checkup in any case. This way your doctor is able to say what’s caused them for sure and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Symptoms that Occur in Case You’re Fighting Against Advanced Bladder Cancer

In case tumor has grown very big and has already invaded in other areas of your organism, the following symptoms may occur:

  • Being unable to urinate.
  • Painful sensations in the lower part of your back (on one side).
  • Loss of weight and appetite.
  • Fatigue and feeling extremely weak.
  • Your feet are swollen.
  • Painful sensations in bones.

We should point out once again that many of the mentioned symptoms may occur because of a different disease. You are to consult your doctor and have the symptoms checked. This way your doctor is able to prescribe treatment procedures if there is a need.

If your doctor assumes that you may have bladder cancer, he or she may prescribe you additional tests so that to say for sure if it’s cancer or something different.

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