Ovarian Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Ovarian Cancer Causes and Risk Factors


Possible Reasons for Ovarian Cancer

Even though it is known that the main reason for the occurrence of ovarian cancer (just like in cases of many other cancers) is the cells that start dividing and multiplying uncontrollably, there is no exact explanation as to why the cancer occurs. The step-by-step process of its occurrence is unknown. At the same time, we know that the factors mentioned below have to do with a high risk of facing the disease.

The factors are as follows:

Cancer Cases in Your Family

Those women whose close relatives has had either ovarian or breast cancer, are more prone to facing the ovarian cancer themselves in comparison with those women who don’t have such relatives.

Genetic screening may be quite helpful here. On the basis of its results your doctor can see whether you have any of the genes that are connected with the increased risk of developing the disease.

Your Age

In the majority of cases, women face ovarian cancer when they are over 65.

High Number of Total Lifetime Ovulations

Ovarian Cancer - Causes and Risk Factors

There is a connection between the total number of ovulations a woman has during her life and an increased risk of ovarian cancer. There are several factors that have an influence on the total number of ovulations.

You can find them below:

  • The more times you become pregnant, the lower is your risk.
  • Those women who have never taken the contraceptive pill are more prone to having the disease.
  • Those women whose periods started at an early age have a higher risk.
  • If a woman’s menopause started later than on average, she is more likely to have the disease.

Fertility Problems and Treatment Procedures

According to some studies, there is a connection between infertility treatment procedures and an increased risk of ovarian cancer. As amazing as it is, no one can say for sure whether the risk increases due to infertility treatment procedures, infertility itself or both.

Suffering from Breast Cancer

In case you are said to have breast cancer, your risk of facing ovarian cancer is increased.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (or HRT for short)

Actually, HRT contributes a little to the risk of having ovarian cancer. Doctors state that the longer you undergo HRT, the more the risk increases. However, once HRT sessions are finished, everything goes back to normal.

Suffering from Obesity or Being Overweight

The fact is that suffering from obesity as well as having excess weight increase your risk of not only having ovarian cancer, but having a lot of other cancers as well.


Those women who are dealing with endometriosis are about 30% more likely to face ovarian cancer in comparison with those women who don’t have it.

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