Blood Cancer

Blood Cancer


Definition and Concept of Blood Cancer

The crux of the matter is that cancerous cells can invade in any part of your organism. In case it’s about blood cancer, the cancerous cells that multiply really fast start attacking various aspects of your circulatory system. Apart from blood and lymphatic system, the cancer can as well attack the bone marrow.

Types and Kinds of the Blood Cancer

There exist 3 main types of blood cancer. Of course, each of them may have their own variations.

Still, as a rule, there are the following types differentiated:

  • Leukemia. There occurs spurt in the multiplicity of cancerous cells that has an influence on either the marrow or your blood. Keep in mind that the disease is capable of severely impairing the ability of the circulatory system to produce blood.
  • Lymphoma. The case implies that there is a cancerous formation that is having an impact on your lymphocytes. A lymphocyte is a variation of white blood corpuscles.
  • Myeloma. If you face this kind of blood cancer, it means that your plasma (that’s, actually, another variety of white blood cells) is affected by the cancerous cells.

Symptoms and Signs of Blood Cancer

Blood Cancers – Types & Treatment Options

Possible Symptoms of Leukemia

Particular symptoms of leukemia are anemia, weakness and extreme fatigue that occurs due to the destruction of the red cells responsible for sustaining your health state. Therefore, a person that suffers from the symptoms mentioned is very likely to sweat, be short of breath from time to time, while doing his or her usual activities. Other symptoms of leukemia involve your lymph nodes being swollen and being a subject to infection. Here blood tests are necessary so that to detect a high number of white blood corpuscles.

Pay attention to the fact that leukemia can be either chronic or acute in character. If you are dealing with an acute leukemia, there may be no symptoms mentioned above present. At the same time, the symptoms may occur and develop very rapidly.

Symptoms and Signs of Lymphoma

The symptoms that occurs very often on this case is swollen lymphatic nodes since the cancer, as a rule, affects lymphatic cells. There are no painful sensations though. You may as well notice a loss of weight and appetite, fever, sweating at nighttime and sudden bouts of chill.

In case of a particular type of lymphoma, you may as well suffer from cough, fatigue (it may be really extreme) and the feeling of fullness in your abdomen. Besides, there may be itching, nausea and food aversion involved.

Symptoms and Signs of Myeloma

At the very early stage of the disease there may be no symptoms present. However, as the disease develops gradually, there will occur fatigue, painful sensations in your back, bouts of numbness and painful sensations in the chest. Moreover, you become a subject to infection and are short of breath from time to time. Remember that there may develop kidney problems. There is a need to make blood tests with the view of detecting abnormal clusters of plasma cells.

The Stages of Blood Cancer

About Blood Cancer

Here the Main Point is the Rate of Metastasis

There exist various ways to differentiate the stages of the cancer in accordance with the symptoms of prognosis and rate of metastasis.

There are 4 stages of chronic leukemia

You may find their descriptions below. The 1st stage. The particular feature of this stage is your lymph nodes being enlarged. The reason for it is the spurt present in the count of lymphocytes. The risk at this stage is intermediate since the cancer is yet to develop and invade in other organs and areas of your body.

The 2nd stage. The symptoms here involve your spleen and liver being enlarged apart from the lymph nodes being enlarged. At least one of the organs is to be affected at this stage. Besides, there occurs a massive swing in the growth of lymphocytes. However, the risk level stays moderate.

The 3rd stage. At this stage, anemia occurs. The organs affected at the previous stages are still enlarged. As a rule, 2 or even more organs are very prone to being affected.

The 4th stage. The last stage’s particular feature is a drastic fall in the level of blood platelets. Your lungs may also be invaded in at this stage. Bear in your mind that anemia may be very acute. If a patients is said to have either the 3rd or the 4th stage of the disease, he or she is to not forget that they are more dangerous.

The Treatment of Blood Cancer and the Stages Involved

Blood Cancer : Symptoms, Types, Stages and Treatment

Latest News Referring to the Treatment of Blood Cancer

According to the results of the latest studies, there has been found a curative alternative to blood cancer. The drug aims to block the release of irregular enzymes that are responsible for the metastases occurring in case of blood cancer. As for the surfeit of protein that has to do with the organs being enlarged and increase in the number of cancerous cells, the drug will, probably, block it as well.

Some years ago, the doctors were unable to say for sure how curable various stages of the blood cancer are. However, thanks to the practitioners and the faculty involved in research oriented studies, it has been stated that the first stage of the cancer is more curable than all the rest.

At the same time, you shouldn’t worry since it has been proven that it’s possible to get rid of the cancer even if it’s on the 2nd or 3rd stage.

Natural Treatment of the Blood Cancer

Possible usual ways to treat the cancer

Apart from chemotherapy and radiation therapy, the doctors may do transplantations of stem cells and bone marrow.

Herbal treatment procedures in case of leukemia and how efficient it is

‘Garcinia Mangostana’ and ‘xanothenes’ have been proved to be quite efficient if a patient is fighting against leukemia. The herbs as well as the compounds based on them have shown to have intrinsic potential of growth inhibiting features.

How Important Antioxidants Are

It has been found out that people and particularly kids respond better to the curative measures when undergoing necessary treatment under the condition that there is no drastic cut in the intensity of antioxidants. Therefore, even if you have only allopathic remedial options, it’s of paramount importance to be on a diet that involves a lot of greens and antioxidants. This way you’ll contribute greatly to the efficiency of the treatment.

Those kids who stick to a balanced diet that involves an adequate supply of greens and raw fruits are less prone to developing blood cancer and leukemia in particular.

What People are More Likely to be Diagnosed With Blood Cancer?

Diagnosed With Blood Cancer

Bear in your mind that the disease may run in the family. If your relative suffers or suffered from the disease, you’re more likely to face it yourself in comparison with those people who don’t have any cases of the cancer in their families.

Being Exposed to Radiation and Carcinogenic Chemicals

Such like exposures also contribute to the risk of having the disease in future. Smoking cigarettes is one more factor that makes the risk rate increase.

Suffering From HIV Infection

If a patient has HIV, he or she is more likely to have the disease in future.

How are the Age Groups and the Disease Connected?

Even though the cancer can occur at any age group, according to the latest statistics, the older people are more likely to suffer from it.

Does Race Have Anything to do With the Blood Cancer?

It has been stated that Europeans are more prone to being diagnosed with blood cancer and leukemia in particular.

Measures to Prevent Blood Cancer

Prevent Blood Cancer

You are to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle and Pay Attention to Your Diet Being Balanced

Actually, healthy nutrition and living can help you a lot in preventing and fighting the cancer. The fact is that you’d better replace lots of sugar and meat with organic greens.

You’re to avoid and refuse eating lots of junk food and choose to eat an abundance of various greens.

Lots of dressed meat as well as fish have been proved to be one of the reasons for the occurrence of blood cancer. Therefore, there is a need to refuse eating too much of them as well.

Trans or saturated fat are also connected with the development of this truly awful disease. Consequently, a person needs to cut down on the products referring to this category as well.

Eat Drink and do not Forget to Breathe in Fresh Air

It’s really important to avoid being close to various chemicals and herbicides. You need to minimize the risk of being exposed to radiation since it’s one more thing that may result in being diagnosed with the disease.

According to a judicious blend of diet and rest, you are to exercise and breath in lot of fresh air on a regular basis. Doing exercises according to a certain schedule may be a very efficient measure if you want to prevent the occurrence of the cancer.

Particular Safety Measures that are to be Adopted

Those people who work a lot with nuclear or chemical elements or at dye making plants are more prone to facing the cancer in future. Therefore, there is a need for them to stick to certain safety measures with the view of minimizing the risk caused due to being exposed to radiation and chemicals.

Contribute to the Strength of Your Immune System

Those people who have a stronger immune system are more capable of resisting various diseases and blood cancer in particular.

Survival Rates in Case of Blood Cancer, Statistical Figures

Statistics take into account a particular period of time. Keep in mind that the figures were gathered by different associations. According to the figures provided by “Leukemia and Lymphoma Society” (the year is 2011), approximately 1,012,533 patients have been found to recover from different stages of the cancer. The count refers to the USA citizens and implies all 3 stages of the cancer.

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