Brain Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

Brain Cancer Causes and Risk Factors


What Causes Brain Cancer?

We should start by pointing out that cancer brain tumors very often occur in men meanwhile benign brain tumors and tumors with unknown diagnosis are quite often detected in case of females.

The First Risk Factor is Your Age

The fact is that brain cancer can occur at any age. At the same time, note that the older you are, the higher the risk of facing brain cancer is. However, there are lots of various brain cancer tumors and some of them are more likely to occur while you’re young.

Being Exposed to Radiation

Actually, this is the only risk factor that certainly has an impact on the occurrence of the disease. Such like cancers that are usually referred to as meningiomas and malignant gliomas (they have are a bit less likely to occur though) are very often detected in case of those people who underwent courses of radiotherapy or made ST scans and there were X-rays directed to the head. The thing that’s of paramount importance is that X-rays as well as CT scans play a very important role in the process of diagnosing the disease. On the basis of their results, your doctor is able to prescribe you the most efficient treatment available. You’re also to keep in mind that doctors try to give you as little radiation dose as possible.

Having Cancer Previously

If a person has already had case of cancer in a very young age (as a child), he or she is very much prone to facing a brain tumor when an adult. The same can be said about adults who have had leukaemia or non-Hodgkin lymphoma. There are some facts proving that adults who have faced other kinds of cancer are also quite likely to have a brain tumor later. However, there is a need to carry out some more studies in the field so that to confirm it.

Radiation therapy that was directed to your head so that to kill any other cancer you had before may also increase the risk of you having brain tumor. Injections of methotrexate (a particular drug used in cancer cases) into the fluid that is around your spinal cord is proved to make the risk of brain cancer go higher. This drug is very often used to get rid of leukaemia. You shouldn’t also forget that even though there may be a higher risk of brain cancer if you’re undergoing necessary procedures to get rid of other cancer, it is still much smaller than if you don’t treat the cancer you have at all.

DNA Information Inherited from Parents and Cases of Brain Cancer in Family

There are several kinds of brain tumors that occur for genetic reasons. If a person is suffering from one of the syndromes mentioned below, his or her risk of fighting against brain cancer in future increases. Apart from it, the following syndromes serve as a reason for other various health problems. Therefore, you may already be in the know of whether anyone in your family is suffering from one of them.

The syndromes are as follows:

  • NF or Neurofibromatosis of the first or the second type;
  • Tuberous sclerosis;
  • LFS or Li-Fraumeni Syndrome;
  • Von Hippel-Landau syndrome;
  • TS or Turner syndrome from that only women and girls suffer;
  • A really rare Turcot syndrome;
  • NBCCS that is also called Gorlin syndrome.

If anyone in your family is already fighting with a brain cancer, you have an increased risk of facing it yourself in comparison with other people who have no relatives diagnosed with the disease.

Other Drugs and Health Conditions that Increase the Risk of Having Brain Tumor

Brain Cancer Risk Factors and Causes

In case a person is diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, his or her risk of facing a brain tumor is twice as higher in comparison with people who don’t have them.

If a woman have been through a menopause and is now undergoing a hormone replacement therapy, she’s a bit more prone to be a subject to meningioma in comparison with those females who have never undergone the therapy. Females who take oral contraceptives are also, probably, a bit likely to be diagnosed with meningioma. However, there is a necessity to carry out some more studies to confirm it.

Suffering from Obesity and the Effect of Physical Exercises

If a person has excess weight, there is a bit higher risk of meningioma occurrence compared to those who keep their weight in balance. At the same time, excess weight seems to have nothing to do with glioma risk.

Babies who weigh 4kg or more when born are considered to have a slightly higher risk of facing some kinds of brain cancer in future in comparison with those who weigh less.

According to some researches that are trying to find a connection between a person’s nutrition and occurrence of brain tumor, state that there’s no such like connection. The crux of the matter here is that brain tumors occur quite rarely and, therefore, it can be rather complicated to define any impact a particular diet may have. Even though there is no clear evidence to it, but people who do physical exercises every day and in general are very active may lower the risk of being diagnosed with brain cancer down.

Other Risk Factors that May Also Have an Impact on the Development of Brain Tumor

Cell Phones Causing Brain Cancer

Some studies trying to define other risk factors for having brain cancer have been carried out. Below you’ll find a list of such like factors and their descriptions.

Being Near Power Lines

There were several researches trying to find an impact of living quite close to the power lines on the risk of brain cancer occurrence. As a result, no connection was found.

Cell Phones

Scientists are trying to figure out whether low level radiation produced by the cell phones can result in a danger to health. So far, it’s impossible to say for sure whether cell phones can cause any health problems. Even though some scientists claimed that they may serve as a reason for brain tumors, no real evidence was found.

Hair Dye

On the basis of the study that have been carried out lately, it’s not likely for the hair dye contributing to the risk of having brain cancer.

Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

There hasn’t yet been any clear evidence of smoking adding to the brain cancer risk. However, there was a connection between this bad addiction and increased risk of some certain brain cancer kinds. Alcohol seems to have no impact on the risk.

Factors that May Help You Reduce the Risk

There are some facts proving that people who have eczema, asthma or hayfever are a bit less prone to having brain tumors and gliomas in particular. This situation may be due to the fact that their immune system activity is increased.

As for anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin in particular, they seem to not influence brain cancer risk. According to the results of several clinical trials, the risk may even be slightly decreased. However, pay attention to the fact that the trials didn’t aim to focus on only brain tumor risk. Consequently, there is a need for several more studies. note that aspirin may be dangerous for your organism since it can lead to your stomach covering being irritated. Such an irritation may be followed by bleeding. That’s why there is a necessity to consult your doctor before you start taking any anti-inflammatory drugs.

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