Signs and Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer

Signs and Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer


Esophagus Cancer – Symptoms and Signs

The symptoms of esophageal cancers are rather florid for diagnosing. People suffering from this disease usually have them. The cases of a chance finding of the disease are rare. To be sure, many types of esophageal cancers began to show symptoms on advanced stages, when the treatment becomes more complicated.

Pain in Swallowing

Pain or other unpleasant feelings in swallowing is the most widespread symptom of esophageal cancer. The majority of patients complain of a sense of discomfort as if food is jammed in the throat or chest, or also of gagging on food. There is a special medical notion for this: dysphagia. It can be insignificant at the very beginning, then it grows worse. It happens as long as the hole inside the esophagus narrows.

As soon as unpleasant feelings in swallowing become evident, some people just change their dietary structure. It often happens unconsciously. For instance, they start to bite off smaller pieces of food or chew it scrupulously. But the situation worsens. And people begin to give preference to tender food, as it can easily pass through the esophagus. Thus, they exclude bread and meat from their meals. The problems in swallowing can be so hard, that someone even eats only liquid food. However, there can be only deplorable consequences: even liquid food can be hardly swallowed.

In its turn, the body produces more saliva, which should permit food to pass through the esophagus. And patients complain of excessive salivation.


Early Symptoms of Esophageal Cancer

There is a pain in the midthorax, which disturbs some patients. They tell about a sense of pressure or burning in the chest. The ordinary epigastric burning has the same symptom. It means, this kind of pain does not mean a case of cancer, but it requires your doctors` attention.

The sensation of pain in swallowing can appear, when there is a considerable cancerous growth inside the esophagus, it prevents food passage. One can feel pain sometime after swallowing. It means food or a drink catch up with the tumor.

Body Weight Loss

50% of esophageal cancer carriers have a body weight loss. It happens without any effort. The reason of this is quite simple: discomfort in swallowing prevents them from eating extra food. There are also signs as loss of appetite and increase of metabolism due to the cancer.

More Symptoms

There are some other symptoms of the disease.

They can be the following:

  • Dysphonia.
  • Intractable cough.
  • Being sick.
  • Singultation.
  • Lung inflammation.
  • Ostealgia.
  • Escape of blood into esophagus. It can lead to anemia. Therefore, a patient feels fatigue.

If you have a number of symptoms listed above, especially a pain in swallowing, you should opt for the doctors` help. Though, it does not at all mean that you have esophageal cancer. However, only your doctor can reveal the problem after all necessary examinations and tests.

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